Haight St. Commons

DIY Cooperative Housing in San Francisco, CA.

Haight St. Commons is a network of not-for-profit co-ops and intentional communities in the heart of San Francisco. We believe that human beings are not meant to live alone. We believe that community provides purpose and joy to modern life. We are here to help make this reality for everyone who believes the same.


The only precondition for joining a community is that you want to live in a community. You have already qualified, the rest of your journey will be finding the right fit.

Haven't made up your mind? Just curious? That's OK, we'd still like to talk to you. Email us, or come visit one of our houses and experience it for yourself.

Below you will find a list of our member communities, their basic information, and what values they hold. All will be glad to hear from you. If their contact information isn't listed, please contact us and we'll connect you.


We are very glad that you found us. Founding a community is not easy. Some of us did it alone without understanding that there are dozens who have done it before who would gladly help. Welcome to our network.

We have made an effort to share much of our collective knowledge here. Below you will find legal documents, mission statements, and other forms that are easy to digitize. These are open source and you are encouraged to use them.

Our most valuable resources, however, are not digital. We would love to help you any way we can.

The Commons


399 Webster Street

We are a four year old intentional community in the Lower Haight. We are a mix of around long term (roughly 13 people) and short term housing, members and remote residents. We live together with the hope that we can be greater that the sum of our parts. Our goal is the creation, maintaining and diversifying the commons.

Day to day our community runs as as a doocracy, with participatory decision making filling the gaps where doocracy falls down. We use collaborative funding to put our surplus towards projects we believe are important. Sometimes these are self serving (making an area of the house nice), sometimes these are community serving (subsidized housing, provision of child care for our events etc).



Ashbury Heights

Where chaos and order coagulate in a creatively engaged community. Chaortica is a new, 13 member community founded in April, 2016 with values around creation and collaboration.

Chaorticats share food and and self-govern through a mix of consensus and do-ocracy. We resist rules and hierarchy wherever possible and substitute trust and communication. We are creating a better world by living it every day. If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you.




The Convent Arts Collective is a beautiful communal live-work space in the Lower Haight, home to 24 artists of various creative disciplines. This is the perfect place for a creative individual who loves creating their own family. The Convent is host to a variety of gatherings in its chapel, including music, comedy, film & art shows, yoga, and the occasional art-themed party. Our home is a gorgeous 2-story former nunnery with an expansive rooftop filled with resident artists’ murals and a basement filled with art studios and music rehearsal & recording rooms. We inspire one another in our daily lives as well as inspire our community through our private and public-facing gatherings.



Lower Haight

We’re a community of folks from all walks of life, who believe in a lifestyle grounded in sharing and common values. We host food and music gatherings, explore the vast and beautiful terrain of the Bay Area and beyond, and work together on all sorts of community projects. And we do it all from a French Victorian Mansion in the heart of San Francisco.



1665 Haight St

The Red Victorian is a Haight Ashbury institution. Built in 1904, it now serves as intentional community and guest space for a large number of people. We are part of the Embassy Network, and the community is now two years old. We are a mix of around long term (roughly 14 people) and short term housing. We also have remote residents and members who contribute to the community and culture from afar.

We support creatives to connect and be in action around impactful projects. We host a number of events for the wider community, from life drawing, to monthly art shows and a weekly lecture series. Our newest addition to the community is a maker space.


RGB House

Hayes Valley

RGB is a community of 11 residents, mostly long-term, founded in January 2016. We believe life is better together. We believe in living by design, not by default. We believe the power of cities is in proximity, and the same can be true of our homes. We believe the people we surround ourselves with can make us a better, happier version of ourselves. ​

We govern ourselves through a mix of doocracy, adhocracy, Slackocracy, and gentle loving nudges to take out the trash.

At the core, we are life experimenters and social tinkerers. We want to see if there's a better way to live. RGB is our laboratory. The colors blend a different way everyday.

We support creatives to connect and be in action around impactful projects. We host a number of events for the wider community, from life drawing, to monthly art shows and a weekly lecture series. Our newest addition to the community is a maker space.




Living Together in Gratitude.
We're a community of 50 people living together in one of the greatest places on earth - San Francisco's Mission District. We value presence, mindfulness, sustainability, collaboration and transformative experiences and strive to exemplify those values in our daily lives.

Building Community Through Food
All house residents participate in a shared food plan - we source local, organic fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses and basic staples like pasta and rice. Weekly deliveries keep us stocked up, and while we don't have set meal schedules, residents generally cook for large groups so a hot meal is usually waiting when we get home from our days.

Affordable Living
Because we live in one of the most expensive neighborhoods on earth, many residents share rooms. Furnished singles, doubles and triples are available at medium term and long term rates. For more information on pricing please click here.

Live With Us
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